Advantages of using Local Movers

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Moving requires a lot of planning. A huge part of your arrangements will have to do with which moving company you are going to use to transport your things from one place to the next. Should you go with a national firm? Or are local movers the better option? Never knew there was a difference?

Local movers may provide you with particular advantages over national firms, depending on the type of customer you are. However, it is still advised that research be done on whichever movers you choose regardless of their proximity to you.

Here’s what a local moving company would offer you:


Local moving companies are generally relatively small. This allows for more personal interactions to occur between them and the persons who require their service, and a faster response time—especially since there are less hierarchical channels through which information must pass. It is easier for you, the customer, to speak with whoever holds the highest position within the company. In some cases, this may even be the owner. This person is more likely to be well informed about the business and can cater directly to your personal needs.

The personal aspect of the relationship between you and the local moving company also transcends the administrative side of things. If you are moving and have specific requests as it relates to how your furniture is handled, for example, you have the chance to communicate this to the people who are actually doing the moving. Larger companies may not facilitate such a relationship because of the large number of persons using their service daily.


Even though smaller companies aren’t turning over large profits, their overheads and overall investments are lower. They are therefore able to focus mostly on the service. Their rates are often cheaper than larger movers, too.

Because local moving companies are smaller, they are more focused on providing great service for their customers. It is much more guaranteed that your local movers will operate in your best interest.


Local movers are also in less demand than bigger companies, but this is not because they are incapable of providing good service. What this does is give you a greater chance to book the movers at a time that is most convenient to you. You may also never have to plan your move too far in advance and can depend on your local movers if any last minute changes need to be made. There is a much lower risk of availability problems with them.

As you tape those last few boxes and tuck away the last of the bubble wrap, you’re at least thinking about which company you’ll go with; maybe you’ve already decided. We hope that we’ve helped in your selection process—even a little.

Happy moving!

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