Storage Unit Preparation

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Storage Space, A Fresh Beginning

Are you working to “downsize” your belongings? Maybe you are moving to a smaller home or are just ready to find Dallas storage units to make your life less cluttered.

How do I start?

First things first, get your home organized. Start sorting out the things that you never use and figure out what you cherish the most. Reducing the clutter is stressful and can sometimes seem like a never ending process. Give yourself plenty of time to work on this life changing process. Take a break every once in awhile. Remember, you are moving forward to a new life.

As you go through your space, it is important to stop and clean every once in awhile. Especially when going through storage spaces and forgotten drawers, cleaning will become a priority. Dust, mold, and mildew should be addressed as well as signs of rodent and insect infestation. Cleaning things before packing them away will ensure that your new space will be as clean and clear as the day you first moved.

What do I have?

Make a list of everything you have — it could surprise you! Perhaps it’s time to let go of some of those shoes; maybe you realized that black is not your color. Once you know what you have, you put your life in perspective and see what really matters to you. If you have too many of one item, ask yourself if it is time to reduce your inventory. There will be a few things that will be priceless — be sure to mark them as such and account for them in your new space or Dallas storage unit.

Where will it go?

As this process continues, the question of what to do with unwanted possessions arises. The first choice is to donate reusable items to local not-for-profit organizations. Another source to keep in mind is the home of a friend or family member who may appreciate what you have. Sometimes the best thing you can do to store your precious items is by entrusting it to someone who will care for it the most.

With the internet, reselling your goods is increasingly easier; if the weather is good, a garage sale may be just the thing you need. At the end of the day, never underestimate the power of the purge: throwing things away and recycling can be a powerful and liberating experience. Taking time to reduce what you already have can make room for the new, or bring more space to your life for whatever is next.

One thing to consider letting go of is old electronics. If you haven’t used it in a long time, it is time for electronics to be recycled. Throwing away electronics is not ideal because they contain extremely toxic materials. Goodwill partners with Dell in the state of Texas to receive any type of used computer equipment for recycling. Be sure that the “e-cycle” program you find is an e-Steward certified recycler so that your electronics are not dumped overseas.

Making the Right Move

When you are ready and organized, the business of making your new space right and ready for you is easier to do. Next, find out what will fit and what won’t. Take measurements; find out what the new space already has. Chances are that a few pieces of bulky furniture or a refrigerator at your new home will make some of your belongings unnecessary.

If you are looking to put something in storage, Wrightway Moving Company can locate a Dallas storage unit for you. Our licensed & insured company can move and transport your belongings to the facility as well as your new space. The movers at Wrightway will make sure to address what you need and where each item will go. Call today for a free quote and find out why Wrightway Moving Company has earned the Angie’s List Super Service Award as well as an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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