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Wrightway Moving Company Moving Checklists

Planning a move can take weeks or even months. Your moving needs will most likely vary depending on whether you are transferring from a house, apartment, or office and most definitely according to the distance in between the two locations. Why worry yourself over the endless details that are involved in a move if you don’t have to? Wrightway Moving Company has been helping people move homes and offices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over fifteen years. We have moved almost every type of item from and into a huge array of spaces and across an impressive number of distances. We offer moving checklists, packing materials, and transportation equipment to make moving seem like a piece of cake. Let us use our moving expertise to take all of the stress out of your next move. Trust the moving experts at Wrightway Moving Company to support you in your move from start to finish.

Where does Wrightway Moving Company operate?

Wrightway Moving Company is a full service moving business that has operated in Texas for over fifteen years. We have primarily worked in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Area that includes Arlington, McKinney, Richardson, Frisco, Garland, Irving, Plano, Addison, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Denton, Grand Prairie, and the complete greater DFW area. We have been fortunate enough to receive Angie’s Super Service Award for the last five years thanks to our notable customer relations. We have also continuously received a rating of “A” from the Better Business Bureau due to our fair business practices and honest transactions. We are covered by state and local moving insurance and always provide you with professional and licensed movers.

What services does Wrightway Moving Company offer?

Because we are dedicated to helping our customers as much as possible, we offer moving services to help you from the very beginning all the way to the finish line. We will help you plan an efficient and affordable moving plan to suit your needs, providing you only with the services you request and nothing more. We offer all of our services a la carte so that you never have to pay for anything you don’t want or need. To start off on the right foot, we provide our customers with personalized moving checklists that clearly outline the steps that should be taken before, during, and after the move to avoid any potential mishaps or forgotten necessities. During this preparation phase, we are always available to answer any questions or calm any moving anxieties.

When moving day finally arrives, all of your possessions should be properly packaged and labeled. We can do the packing for you or provide you with all the materials you need to safely pack all of your possessions yourself. We ask that cabinets or dressers with five or more drawers be emptied and we cannot transport dangerous items like firearms. If you have any concerns about moving a specific item, give us a call to see what the best moving solution may be. Once everything is ready to go, we will securely pack our transport trucks and, if requested, do a deep clean of your old home or office to get it back in tip-top shape. We can transport all of your items to your new space or bring some of them to a storage unit of your choice.

In preparation of your arrival, we can also do a deep clean of your new home or office space. Once our professional movers arrive, they will bring in all of your possessions. We can unpack and/or re-assemble whatever you would like, recreating your home immediately, or you can take over the process yourself. We are happy to take care of your leftover packing materials or discard of any excess items as needed. We will support you throughout the moving process – we won’t consider the job done until every item on your moving checklist is successfully marked off!

Are the moving services at Wrightway Moving Company affordable?

Although we strive to offer the highest quality moving services possible, we do not ask for exorbitant fees. We want our customers to feel like they are getting real value for their money when they let us help with a move. To make sure this happens, we promise that whatever price you receive according to your personalized moving checklist and moving plan will be the final price you pay, with no hidden fees or add-ons. To make sure we can offer our services to anyone who may need them, we can also be somewhat flexible on pricing if a client is happy to move during off peak hours.

Wrightway Moving Company is the best moving company in the DFW Area because we put our customers first. To show our dedication, we even offer a price guarantee that is hard to beat. If you find a reputable moving company in the area that is offering the same high quality moving services at a lower price, we will beat their price by 10%, guaranteed. With our personalize moving checklists, great customer service reviews, and unbeatable price guarantee, its hard to lose when moving with Wrightway Moving Company.
Don’t struggle during your next move. Wrightway Moving Company will work with you to plan and execute a hassle-free move unlike any other you have ever had. Give us a call today for a risk-free, no obligation quote!

Preparing Furniture for Self-Storage

Preparing Furniture in Self-Storage Facilities

Preparing Furniture in Self-Storage Facilities

Storing your furniture in a self-storage unit is a great way to keep it safe and secure while you figure out what you want to do with it. Preparing and packing it will keep it in good shape until then. The following tips will help you work on the preparation procedures:

  • Choosing a Storage Unit

When you’re looking for a self-storage facility, focus on working with those that are climate-controlled. This is necessary, since they will provide the perfect environment to keep your furniture safe from moisture, mould and other issues that you might be facing otherwise. Look for a facility with nice, wide doors and a comfortable times when its open. You should have a good deal of plastic sheets on hand you can work with. These will keep the moisture away from your furniture if you spread them over the floor. Call an insurance company for a good quote on a policy for stored furniture. Most storage facilities out there don’t have too much in terms of liability compensation, so you would be wise to do better than what they can afford to offer.

  • Packing Process

Packing and preparation are very important so you can ensure your furniture will look as good as it once did when you put it in storage. Whenever you can, disassemble your wooden tables, beds and other furniture that would take too much time to deal with. Also clean them up slowly and carefully, then following that up with a coat of wax so the finish can survive. Take all the screws and bolts and place them in a plastic bag so you won’t lose them. Dressed drawers and end tables make a good packing box during your storage. You can remove the drawers and use them to store smaller items. Make sure you place a towel or something similar over each of them so they can serve as a buffer to avoid scratching. Do the same for all small bits and pieces stored within as they will otherwise be in danger of breaking during transport. You should also place an X on glass surfaces and mirrors as this will help prevent them from breaking in case of light impacts. Store electronics in their original boxes so they can house all the other smaller items and accessories that go with them. Fill up the empty spaces with bubble wrap or other kinds of padding and then you’ll be able to stack things on top more safely. You should still avoid putting heavy items on top still however.

  • Maintenance tips

Make sure you have your locker secured with a strong combination lock. If you choose a storage unit within a reasonable distance from your home, then you must still check on your furniture once every month or so for any signs of damage. Take a careful inventory of everything inside and make sure nothing is damaged or missing. If you see anything of the matter, report it to your insurance company or storage facility.

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Home Moving Checklist

Moving your Home

One of the most stressful endeavors is moving your home from one location to another. However, if you prepare in advance and plan properly, you can dramatically reduce the stress. Packing all your belongings is just one of the things that you will need to think about, but with these tips you can make your move easier.

Who is doing the Move?

First decide if you will be hiring a moving company or if you are going to the move the items yourself. This decision often comes down to budget.

If you think that you are able to do the job, you then you need to look at packing the items, hiring a van and unpacking all your items. It is a good idea to get friends and family to help. You can also hire temporary workers with lots of moving experience. They can handle the heavy items if you feel too weak to lift them.

You could also pack everything yourself and label it. You could then hire a moving company to move the items.

The easiest option of course, is to hire a mover to do everything—packing, moving and the unpacking.

Choose the mover

Find a reputable moving company to handle your items. Get a few written quotes and also read reviews about the company. You can check the BBB status and if they are registered at the USDOT website. Movers are required to be registered.


Once you have settled on a mover, find out if they provide the boxes and when they are able to bring the boxes to you. If you are doing the move yourself then you will need to find boxes and packing materials a few weeks before.


This is something that is often overlooked but it’s best to look at the parking area at your old and new home before the moving day. See if there is enough room for a large truck if needed, if you need a permit, and if you need to talk to neighbors to make more roomfor you. If you are in an apartment, make sure to let property manager know about the move and see where the truck can be parked.

Tell them you’re moving

You will need to notify certain people that you are moving. You should make a list of these people and should include:

Your Bank

Credit card and store card companies

Phone and internet providers

Cable TV

Children’s schools and employers

Gas and electricity suppliers

Medical practitioners

Friends and family

Early packing

De-clutter before you start packing so that you have everything that you need, in a manageable amount. The breakables and valuable items need to be well wrapped. You can label the boxes with the room destination so that it is easier when unpacking.

Survival Box

A good idea is to create a survival box that will be the last to go on and also the first to come off. This box should have items that you will need for that day, your necessities. It should also include your passport, insurance papers, medical documents, etc… Never put all of that in the truck.

On Moving Day

You need to ensure that everyone knows what they are doing on the moving day. Younger children and pets could be taken to a friends or family’s home so that they are not in the way. In the old house make sure that you have left all the fixtures and fittings that were agreed upon, and at the new house check that what you have requested is there.

Once you’re in

Once you have moved into your new house, check the meters. Ensure that you will not be paying for any gas or electricity that the previous owner has used. You can also change the locks so that you know you are the only one with keys. Also contact your insurer to check that your home insurance policy is effective for your new home immediately.

The last thing to do is celebrate your new home—Enjoy!

If you are in California, check out the San Francisco bay area movers.

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