Moving Your Office the Right Way

Every business changes as time goes by, and it is inevitable that your current office space will not always meet your needs.

Moving your office can be a great opportunity to reorganize, refurbish and re-imagine your business, but it is also an exercise in patience and planning. If you need to move your office, use these handy tips to ensure that the process goes smoothly. If done the right way, an office move need not be painful, and can actually reinvigorate your business.

Office moving man with box.

1. Choose a new office that meets your current and future needs

Moving your office can rack up costs both from direct office moving expenses like moving company costs to indirect expenses like working time lost. Because of this, you don’t want to be moving your office every few years: you need to put down roots somewhere that your business has room to grow. With that in mind, choose an office that not only meets your current needs but that will also meet your business growth needs for a minimum of five years. 

Keep your legal needs in mind too. If you are renting office space, always make sure that a legal professional has looked over your new tenancy agreement. If you are buying office space, you may have extra legal obligations due to commercial zoning, so ensure your building code is up to scratch.

You will also want to be mindful of office moving costs when drawing together your plans and ideas: moving does cost money, so draw up a budget. This kind of preparation can save you a lot of time and money. In the same vein, making an office moving plan is probably the best way to ensure that your move goes off without a hitch.

If you thoroughly plan your move with a budget and an office moving to do list, you are less likely to run into trouble on moving day itself.

2. Plan for business interruption

Even the best planned moves can go awry, so always plan for business interruption. Inform your most important clients of the move, and attempt to get as much done as possible in the days leading up to a move.

Many businesses move over a weekend or holiday to minimize the amount of workdays lost, but also beware that many utilities companies do not operate over weekends or holidays. If you move into your office on a Saturday and happen to find that the internet is not working, you may have to wait until Monday anyway to fix the problem.

Professional moving your office.

3. Prepare to close down your current premises

Moving into a new office isn’t just about setting up your new office but closing down the old one. Ensure that you have completed all of the requirements placed upon you in your rental agreement and ensure that all utilities that currently serve your office (such as internet, gas and electric) are either transferred to your new address or have their accounts closed.

Taking your time with packing is also another top tip, as a well-packed office can be speedily unpacked at its new location. Don’t just throw everything in boxes and hope for the best: label everything, packing things with care, and ensure you have an orderly system that your chosen moving company can follow.

Don’t skimp on the packing materials and office moving supplies either! Choose quality packing boxes like officeworks moving boxes and use plenty of bubble wrap to ensure that your things travel safely and securely. If you are using a moving company, check with them and see if they supply the packing boxes and materials before you rush out to buy anything, as that could save you some money overall.

4. Take advantage of change and reorganize your business

Moving office may seem like a hassle, but in reality it is an opportunity to re-think how you do business. If you have been waiting for the right opportunity to create a new filing system or scan all of your paper documents, for example, now is exactly the right time to start. Moving also gives you a chance to rethink your office set-up to maximize creativity and efficiency, so perhaps think about changing over from an open-plan office to more private cubicles or vice-versa.

This same philosophy can be applied to your furniture and equipment: is it time, for example, for you to think about upgrading your computer system? An office move can provide you will the opportunity to upgrade your business, so seize the chance.

5. Prepare your new office space and utilities

You should know every square inch of your new office space and properly plan for how your current equipment and furniture will fit in. If you know that your new office will require new or different furniture and equipment, order it prior to the move and ensure it is already there before moving day so that you can immediately launch into arranging your new office.

The same attitude goes for utilities: it is worth paying a little extra to ensure your utilities like internet, gas and electricity are running prior to moving day, so that you can immediately get started upon arrival.

Empty office after moving.

6. Hire moving professionals

Do not devalue the worth of your business by leaving its transfer in the hands of amateurs. Attempting to move all of your office furniture and supplies alone may save money, but it also runs the risk of costing your more in the long run if you damage any of your furniture and equipment.

Your time is value, so outsource the task to professionals who can ensure all of your office items can be transferred swiftly and easily, whilst also saving yourself time and effort.

7. Communicate with your staff

Moving your office is not just a problematic endeavor for you, but also your workers. Ease the transition by informing your staff ahead of time of any move, especially if your new office space is quite far from your original premises.

Helping your staff manage the transition by offering to move their personal office items, helping them re-plan their route to work, or even just proving reassurance can really endear you to your workers in a difficult transition period.

Overall, moving your office might seem like a monumentally difficult task, but with the right attitude and preparation, it can actually be a great opportunity for yourself and your business. If you need to move your office, make sure you do it the right way with Wrightway Moving.

Dismantling furniture before putting into storage

movers and storage facility

When you are paying out for professional storage, you want to get the most for your money, don’t you? That is why you want to make sure you are well prepared beforehand. Get the most of your money by creating more space in your storage unit. How can you do this? Dismantling your furniture is a good start. When you take apart your furniture like your bed, your wardrobes, your cupboards or basically anything that can be taken apart without causing any long lasting damage, you will end up saving space when all of your belongings are placed into a storage facility. For instance, if you were to store a bed, it would of course take up a lot of space and you would end up with little room left for anything else you would like stored. You may end up having to pay out for larger units. You don’t want to do this because it will bump the price up a great deal. The best way around this is to prepare beforehand. You can do this by dismantling your furniture like your bed and drawers and so on. Then, it will cut down on a lot of space. It’s a simple tip that could save you a lot of cash.

So, in order to save money, the first step is to start taking your furniture to pieces. You may still have the instructions on how to do this. Otherwise, do some research on the internet and find out how this way. Some may know how to do it without needing to read instructions. If you are not confident in doing this, definitely find out how to do it properly. Otherwise, you may end up causing yourself further costs if there are breakages or damages to anything. It is definitely a wise idea. If not, hire a professional mover to do it. The only down side to doing it this way is that it will probably end up costing you a great deal more. Of course there will be fees for having this done for you. Unless you have cash to splash, this probably isn’t so cost effective. Try to dismantle whatever you can. Whatever can be dismantled should be dismantled if you want to cut down on costs. This is a basic step that is so effective. Give it a try and you will definitely see results!

By dismantling your furniture beforehand, you will cut down on so many fees. It will be far cheaper doing it this way than if you were to simply store your bed or your wardrobe in its full form. You can just simply pack it all down into boxes. Of course, you want to ensure all the bits and pieces are organized so that you are able to easily reassemble everything back to how it was. So label the boxes with the different parts in. Then you will find it easily enough when you want to put things back up. You will be amazed by the difference it can make just by taking apart your furniture. The amount of space you will create is unreal. It is such a simple and easy step but indeed so very effective. When you place your packed down furniture into a storage unit, you will have lots of room leftover. Or it will at least save you from having to pay for a larger storage facility. You will have plenty of storage space left. Take this step and save lots in storage.

In London, Packing, Moving and Storage Services Pimlico can assist you during your move.

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Moving Tips

Moving House tips and advice

Moving a house involves a lot of hard work. Whether you are moving into another rental property or have sold your property, you will have to arrange how you are going to shift your contents from one place to another. You may even know some recommended reliable movers to hire. But if that is not the case, then ask friends and family for suggestions or research the internet and local sources such as papers for local companies. Do your homework and read plenty of reviews on how a company handles home moving.

1. Get a quote from your mover service

It is a good idea to get in touch with several companies and ask for meetings. By requesting a consultation you will be able to get a more accurate price for your moving. Most companies measure the contents in cubic squares so you are allocated a moving vehicle in a size to suit. Sometime you have to share a vehicle so this is why most movers will want an accurate inventory and everything you load on the van labeled.

2. Keep in touch with changes

When you gave established a company to move your home contents, arrange a date with them. Go over the finer details of the companies policies; such as if you change a moving date are there charges. If you run into overtime is there a charge. Are you covered for late arrival or damages? The list can be long when it comes to potential problems. Not everything goes smoothly in the house relocation, so always keep in touch with your chosen movers. You may also want to consider a storage solution as well, so think of a proper self-storage facility if you feel you need it.

3. Get all the necessary details

If you hire a reputable company for your house move make sure you ask for all the relevant details you need to know. They will advise you on how to pack and most will request a detailed inventory of everything they will transport for you. A reputable moving company will provide packing services if you find it too difficult. They also supply packing kits that you can order to help reduce the stress of finding second hand resources. Whether you do your own packing or not it will have to be done with great care and efficiency. You will be given some tips on how the vehicle will be loaded making it easier to get the load ready for the big day.

4. Make sure you have adequate insurance coverage

Make sure you have adequate insurance coverage when moving. Accidents happen and delays also happen so you want peace of mind when you are employing a professional company. Moving a house is stressful but if you have everything covered the transition will go better. The key issue with dealing with professionals is that they have done it before many times and will do a first class job.

5. Hiring help or doing it yourself

It is easier if you hire help for this stressful event, but a lot harder if you are doing the moving yourself. Though the cost may be less there are many problems that can happen for instance you may not have packed or loaded your possessions securely and end up with some damage. You may not have allowed enough time for the move and it can end up taking a lot longer. There are good and bad points for both types of moving services, and it depends on what moving service suits you, your lifestyle and most probably budget.
Mobile self storage facility is the best solution if you’re moving, downsizing or de-cluttering.

Summer Mover Specials

Summer Moving Specials!

With summer here, our movers at wrightway are entering our peak season. But that doesn’t mean that your next move has to be expensive! Be sure to schedule as soon as your move dates are confirmed and inquire about our current specials. From Moving and Packing (Packers) Services, Moving Boxes, Packing Materials, Move Out and Make Ready Cleaning, to Storage Facility referrals – Wrightway Moving is your Full Service Mover!

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We can help you pack your belongings or supply you with the needed materials for you to do the job. Once your items are safely and securely packed, we can take them to your new location, where you have the choice to unpack yourself or allow our movers to unpack for you. Either way, we can supply you with Moving Boxes and all the Mover Materials that you need.

Need a storage referral? If you are moving into a smaller space, we can deliver some of your belongings directly to your storage unit. Whatever your needs, Wrightway Movers are here to help and can create a special moving and packing plan to fit your unique needs.

And don’t forget our make-ready and move out cleaning services. We can prepare your new office or residence before you move in and our move out cleaners can take care of the responsibility of cleaning the location you are leaving. Just let us know when you schedule our movers so that we can have them on hand and ready to assist.

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Piano Movers

Wrightway Moving Company Piano Movers

Moving into a new home will bring a gust of fresh air to you and your family – after all of the dust has settled from the move itself. If you happen to be a pianist or in the possession of an heirloom piano, stressing over how you will transport your bulky yet fragile piano is probably at the top of your worry list. Pianos can weigh hundreds of pounds and require special equipment to fit through narrow doorways or windows. The best way to make sure that your piano is moved safely for both the movers and the object itself is to hire professional piano movers. The Wrightway Moving Company has offered experienced piano movers as part of our comprehensive moving services since we began providing quality moving help in Dallas over fifteen years ago.

Looking for moving experts in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area?

Wrightway Moving Company is an award-winning moving services business that operates in the DFW areas of Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas, Garland, Irving, Plano, Addison, Farmers Branch, Carrollton, Denton, Grand Prairie, Lewisville, McKinney, Plano, Richardson, Rowlett and TX Interstate. We are dedicated to providing our clients with high quality services by experienced professionals so that the moving experience completely loses its characteristic overtones of stress and anxiety. We have received a rating of “A+” from the Better Business Bureau for our customer service and reliability in addition to Angie’s List Super Service Award for the last five years in a row thanks to our clients’ great experiences with us. We hold state and local insurance to protect your belongings when they are in our hands and have an impeccable record of successfully moving even the most difficult items. We have helped people move pianos both short and long distances, sometimes within their homes and sometimes across the country, aiding in any packaging or dis-assembly that has been necessary. We have experience moving most models and sizes of pianos and will work with you to make sure you are comfortable with our chosen moving method for your beloved piano.

Why are professional piano movers particularly necessary for your move?

Most owners of a piano have already had to deal with moving it at least once and thus have a good idea of what makes it so complicated. Pianos are much heavier than they usually look, with small upright pianos averaging around 350 pounds and large grand pianos weighing beyond 1,200 pounds. In addition, pianos are awkwardly-shaped in moving terms, making it difficult to fit them through entryways and any stairways especially challenging. Attempting to move such a large and heavy item alone or without the proper know-how can get the movers hurt and easily cause damage to the piano itself. The best way to protect the safety of everyone involved and preserve your investment in your piano is to hire professional piano movers who understand the dynamics of piano moving and can keep everyone and everything safe.

Why choose Wrightway Moving Company?

Wrightway Moving Company can offer you much more than just piano movers. We can provide you with all the equipment and materials you need for your entire move, or package everything up for you ourselves. We have multiple moving vehicles available and can offer you the perfect type of transport for both your fragile piano and all of your other possessions. We can help you clean and organize the property you are leaving and the home you are moving into as well. Once we pack up your old home, our radio-dispatched piano movers will keep in touch with you while they transport your items to your new home and place them inside, unpacking and re-assembling whatever you would like.

We are happy to provide you with whatever specific moving services you need to make your move easy and painless, never pushing you to pay for any service you don’t want or need. All of our moving services are available individually, but we do offer some convenient moving packages that might work well for you. We always give our clients the total price of their move upfront, promising never to add any fees after the fact. Because we know our services are the best and we aim to be able to serve the widest audience possible, we also offer a price guarantee. If you find a local, reputable competitor offering the same services at a lower price, we’ll beat their price by 10%, guaranteed.

Let Wrightway Moving Company worry about your next move and take over the gentle care and transport of your piano and other belongings. We can make sure your move is as safe and stress-free as possible at the lowest prices in the DFW area. Give us a call today to see what we can offer you and receive a no obligation, free price quote for all your moving needs!