Stress-Free Moving with a Cat

Stress-free Moving with a Cat
Moving to a new home can be one of the most stressful situations you can find yourself in. In fact, it ranks among the top 5 most disrupting experiences according to multiple surveys. There is a lot involved during a move and a whole lot of things you will be busy with. From finding a new home, to hiring a removal service and packing everything you want to take with you.
During these stressful times you have to take into account one more thing: your cat and how difficult it will be for it as well. Cats are highly territorial; they get used to a place and bond with it. That and also the fact that cats are not huge fans of change means that your pet is going to have a stressful time dealing with the relocation.
In order to deal with the situation you have to keep certain things in mind. Make sure you follow the outlined suggestions below so that you go through this period with your pet without any worries.

– Preparation for the moving – if your kitty has never been in a carrier, chances are it will not be very happy about the perspective of moving in one. You need to introduce this item to your pet long before moving day arrives. To get the cat comfortable place the carrier near the bed or the food bowls. The more time you give your pet to get used to this strange object, the better. Start by placing the bowl of food near the carrier and every day work towards placing it closer and closer. When you feel the pet is ok with the carrier, place the bowl inside. That way your pet will think of the carrier as a safe zone and will a lot better inside during the removal.

– Introduce your cat to boxes and other packing materials – the process of moving house involves a great deal of packing in boxes and other containers. Imagine how much stress your cat will experience when the house is literally filled with great number of those all of a sudden. What you have to do is introduce those to your pet early. Allow your cat to explore them, to play with them, to get comfortable around them. This will reduce its anxiety and not alter its behavior.

– Do not change the routine of your cat – maintain the same feeding and play times. Doing otherwise will result in your cat feeling anxious and stressed a lot. It may be difficult for you, with all of the packing and crossing things off your moving checklist, but you should try to spend more time with your pet. It is only by offering care and reassurance that your kitty will feel secure and fine with the whole process.

– Limit wandering on moving day – when the moving van arrives at your front door you will want to keep your cat out of the commotion of loading boxes and walking in and out all the time. For this reason you will do well to keep your cat closed in a room and visit there from time to time to show your pet you are still there. Do not leave your kitty ignored for too long and when the time comes to move make sure you are gentle and careful with the carrier.

– Arriving at the new place – once you arrive, the first thing you have to do is set a home base area for your cat. This means a single room where you will keep the pet while it gets used to the new environment. The best way to go about moving is to gradually introduce the new home to your cat. Let the animal explore one bit at a time and always be there to help it get used. If yours was an outdoor cat previously, you should try to keep it inside now, as the new neighborhood can be stressful and way too unfamiliar.

Moving with a cat is a challenge that you have to be prepared to face. For the sake of your loving cat, make sure you understand the outlined suggestions and implement them during the removal process for a truly stress-free experience. For more tips: Removal Van Services in Acton

How to Move while Pregnant

Moving, whether it’s to another house in the same city or across the country will pose its own unique brand of challenges that we all must face. Between the decisions to hire movers, rent a U-Haul, how much time is needed to drive across the country, and how much insurance is required, one can find themselves hard-pressed to have much mental energy left! So it’s no wonder that one group in particular finds themselves in quite a bind when attempting to move: pregnant women. Pregnancy is a fantastic feature of life but there’s often one thing that doesn’t go well with pregnancy: moving. To move effectively while pregnant, depends on where you’re moving to and how much you have budgeted to move.

Moving out of State

If you’re moving out of state, your best probable option is to hire a professional moving company, and here’s why: Traveling in excess of several hundred miles often requires an overnight stay at a hotel while on the road. This means you have to check the transport vehicle you’re using to inspect that your items remains carefully packaged and to ensure that they remain safe while on the road. Pregnancy can make the long road-trip a nightmare when you consider how often you’ll need to stop for pee breaks and how difficult it will be to navigate a several ton vehicle in heavy city traffic. Not to mention the physical stresses of climbing into and out of the bed of the truck to check on your items as you move. Plus, consider the challenges of packing itself. Moving out of state requires you to have everything packed in one trip, meaning that you must consider space allocation and devote serval days to moving heavy items. To avoid physical injury, a professional moving crew is highly recommended to you keep yourself and your baby-to-be healthy, happy, and sane.

Moving in State

Moving in state might mean you can do the move yourself, but it depends on the amount you intend to move and the distance you are traveling. For those with a large amount of items to move, especially when you are in the second and third trimesters, a professional mover is still highly recommended. Not only will lifting become more challenging as you progress through the pregnancy, but it will also become more dangerous. It’s best to leave moving of large items to the professionals. So what about moving short distances in town? If you’re just moving a relatively short distance, you have an advantage. These moves can be done in several small trips and don’t require the same intense loading and unloading of a long-distance move. Additionally, the short travel distance is more accommodating to the need for frequent trips to the restroom.

As these small trips in town, you can do a larger percentage of the moving, as long as you remember to keep it confined to the smaller items. It’s common for pregnant women to feel as though they are being confined to less-important work, but the most important thing you can do is to keep your health up and to delegate responsibilities while moving. It’s ok for you to take the smaller items and to let your friends or local workers carry the heavier items. If possible, keep the items you carry to less than ten pounds, and try not to lift items that are directly on the floor. It’s best to minimize bending down to reduce stress on your back. Also remember to take frequent breaks. Moving can be a physically demanding task, and if you being to feel light headed you should be sure to sit down and rest while increasing your liquid intake. Finally, enjoy your move! With each new move in life you explore new possibilities and hopefully you will love your new location!

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Advantages of using Local Movers


Moving requires a lot of planning. A huge part of your arrangements will have to do with which moving company you are going to use to transport your things from one place to the next. Should you go with a national firm? Or are local movers the better option? Never knew there was a difference?

Local movers may provide you with particular advantages over national firms, depending on the type of customer you are. However, it is still advised that research be done on whichever movers you choose regardless of their proximity to you.

Here’s what a local moving company would offer you:


Local moving companies are generally relatively small. This allows for more personal interactions to occur between them and the persons who require their service, and a faster response time—especially since there are less hierarchical channels through which information must pass. It is easier for you, the customer, to speak with whoever holds the highest position within the company. In some cases, this may even be the owner. This person is more likely to be well informed about the business and can cater directly to your personal needs.

The personal aspect of the relationship between you and the local moving company also transcends the administrative side of things. If you are moving and have specific requests as it relates to how your furniture is handled, for example, you have the chance to communicate this to the people who are actually doing the moving. Larger companies may not facilitate such a relationship because of the large number of persons using their service daily.


Even though smaller companies aren’t turning over large profits, their overheads and overall investments are lower. They are therefore able to focus mostly on the service. Their rates are often cheaper than larger movers, too.

Because local moving companies are smaller, they are more focused on providing great service for their customers. It is much more guaranteed that your local movers will operate in your best interest.


Local movers are also in less demand than bigger companies, but this is not because they are incapable of providing good service. What this does is give you a greater chance to book the movers at a time that is most convenient to you. You may also never have to plan your move too far in advance and can depend on your local movers if any last minute changes need to be made. There is a much lower risk of availability problems with them.

As you tape those last few boxes and tuck away the last of the bubble wrap, you’re at least thinking about which company you’ll go with; maybe you’ve already decided. We hope that we’ve helped in your selection process—even a little.

Happy moving!

Moving with Pets


Moving can be a stressful experience for humans who know what is happening, so think how much more it would be for a pet. Here are a few tips for moving with your chosen companion:

Update tags and microchip

When moving be sure that your pet’s tags and microchip are updated with all the info from your new location. Address, phone number as well as the pet’s name are necessary to secure the safety of your pet and insure against loss at this chaotic time. Even if you plan on not letting your animal out without a leash, accidents are still possible, so be prepared for such an eventuality by doing this important step.

Find a new doctor for your pet

Finding a new veterinarian is another good idea to do ahead of time when moving with pets. It’s a good idea as well to locate an emergency pet facility. Once in your new location if possible, make a visit to the doctor you’ve chosen to ensure that they are a good match for your pet, taking your pet with you so they become familiar ahead of time. You could even give your old neighbors your new address and phone number in case there was a mishap before the move actually took place.

Get them used to the carrier

Give your pet time to adjust to the carrier that he will be using by placing it where he can sniff around and become comfortable with it. Placing a well loved treat inside is a very good idea and praising him whenever he enters. That way he will have positive associations with it. As time goes on, try closing the door for varying periods of time so that he knows that the door will eventually open and so become accustomed with the idea that it is temporary. Then one day, take him for a ride in the container to a park or some other desirable destination, giving him a treat upon arrival. The more he can be used to what will be happening in advance, the less stressful it will be for him. A road trip may even be in order if you can manage it. That way, even if you choose to use movers for your pet’s relocation, he will already be accustomed to the container.

Don’t pack too quickly

It would be easy to get carried away with packing when eager to get things done, but if you do it well in advance then you get it done more gradually and spare your friend the extra anxiety. You might even leave him in the room that will be packed last so they have a refuge from the chaos.

Pack a separate bag for your pet

When moving your pet, make sure you have his favorite food and snacks readily available. Also pack a gallon of water since in some areas, the water may take some getting used to. Besides, it’s easy enough for humans to get dehydrated with all the activity, how much more so the animal who cannot convey to you in words during such a time. We humans do tend to get distracted on moving day with so much to look out for.
Have a current copy of your pet’s health certificate
Keep a current health certificate handy for your animal during the move if it is interstate travel. Some states have more stringent requirements than others. You should know these requirements ahead of time.

Settle your pet in gradually

You might be tempted to open the carrier up and let your pet freely roam and explore the house. But this approach can be overwhelming for your pet at first. Remember that your movers will be working to unload your possessions, and won’t need them underfoot. Consider opening one room at a time to your furry friend so that he can adjust at a more peaceful pace. You can accustom him to each room by keeping some of the doors closed as you unpack until he is ready for the next room. That way he will feel secure knowing what each room contains and that there are no threats.

Special or exotic pets

Take into account all of the special needs that your unusual pet may require, planning in advance for any possible “adventure” that may happen without your intent. That way you can be ready for the surprises that may lay in ambush for your move and not get derailed by these emergencies. Pack everything that you can imagine that your creature would need. Preparation is the key here.
If you keep in touch with your pet and anticipate his needs in advance, you can minimize the impact of the move and thus make this time easier for you both. Moving with pets needn’t be stressful if you keep in mind the necessary requirements of your move.