Moving to a Different State

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Organizing a Long Distance Move

Moving to the other side of town can be a walk in the park compared to long-distance moves. The sheer amount of work that needs to be done is not the only thing to give you a headache during this process. There are an awful lot of things to consider and prepare before you undertake the journey and potentially embrace a new life, all of which are of top priority to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

Here is a list of things to consider before moving.

– Keep documents and valuables – get your documentation ready and prepared for inspection. This includes house property documents, contracts, securities, and any piece of paperwork from your job, which you might be transferring to another place. You probably already know this, but it has to be mentioned again – any documents and valuables, such as jewelry and money in cash for example, should be brought along with you and remain under your personal supervision. You most certainly do not want them to get lost during the moving process.

– Consider the pets – if you have a crawling, slithering, swimming, hopping or any other pet friend you must make sure that the type and breed are permitted in the new state you are moving to. Get proper vet checks and vaccines. Make sure you have all the proper gear for moving to ensure safe and comfortable trip to the new state.

– Decide on what stays and what goes – one of the most important aspects of every moving, especially a long-distance one, is to decide what you take with you and what you dispose of. A good strategy would be to organize things into 4 categories – items you want to move, items you want to sell, items you want to give away and items you want to dump. Work around this list for every room of the house and you will be surprised how much space you can spare on the truck by carefully deciding the items in each category.

– Know the new place – doing a proper research on the place you are going to can help you with the previous task a lot. Consider the available space in your new home – the king-sized bed might not exactly fit in your smaller bedroom. Take local weather into consideration too, as well as any changes to lifestyle that will follow your move. Having information on local schools, banks, service providers will make life a lot easier once you get there. Try to have information on insurance policies and local state laws too.

– Give yourself enough time – all of the planning and work can be extremely time-consuming. So make sure you give yourself enough time to do all of the above and anything else you can think of, aside from packing your old home. Remember that anything can happen, so leave nothing for the last moment. Make list one-two months before moving and double check it to see if you are missing something.

Moving to a different state can be a challenge, but keeping your cool about it and planning in advance can help you get through a lot of the commotion and chaos surrounding the move and make it enjoyable and promising.

Organizing a Long Distance Move1

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