Moving Tips

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Moving House tips and advice

Moving a house involves a lot of hard work. Whether you are moving into another rental property or have sold your property, you will have to arrange how you are going to shift your contents from one place to another. You may even know some recommended reliable movers to hire. But if that is not the case, then ask friends and family for suggestions or research the internet and local sources such as papers for local companies. Do your homework and read plenty of reviews on how a company handles home moving.

1. Get a quote from your mover service

It is a good idea to get in touch with several companies and ask for meetings. By requesting a consultation you will be able to get a more accurate price for your moving. Most companies measure the contents in cubic squares so you are allocated a moving vehicle in a size to suit. Sometime you have to share a vehicle so this is why most movers will want an accurate inventory and everything you load on the van labeled.

2. Keep in touch with changes

When you gave established a company to move your home contents, arrange a date with them. Go over the finer details of the companies policies; such as if you change a moving date are there charges. If you run into overtime is there a charge. Are you covered for late arrival or damages? The list can be long when it comes to potential problems. Not everything goes smoothly in the house relocation, so always keep in touch with your chosen movers. You may also want to consider a storage solution as well, so think of a proper self-storage facility if you feel you need it.

3. Get all the necessary details

If you hire a reputable company for your house move make sure you ask for all the relevant details you need to know. They will advise you on how to pack and most will request a detailed inventory of everything they will transport for you. A reputable moving company will provide packing services if you find it too difficult. They also supply packing kits that you can order to help reduce the stress of finding second hand resources. Whether you do your own packing or not it will have to be done with great care and efficiency. You will be given some tips on how the vehicle will be loaded making it easier to get the load ready for the big day.

4. Make sure you have adequate insurance coverage

Make sure you have adequate insurance coverage when moving. Accidents happen and delays also happen so you want peace of mind when you are employing a professional company. Moving a house is stressful but if you have everything covered the transition will go better. The key issue with dealing with professionals is that they have done it before many times and will do a first class job.

5. Hiring help or doing it yourself

It is easier if you hire help for this stressful event, but a lot harder if you are doing the moving yourself. Though the cost may be less there are many problems that can happen for instance you may not have packed or loaded your possessions securely and end up with some damage. You may not have allowed enough time for the move and it can end up taking a lot longer. There are good and bad points for both types of moving services, and it depends on what moving service suits you, your lifestyle and most probably budget.
Mobile self storage facility is the best solution if you’re moving, downsizing or de-cluttering.

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