Make Ready Cleaning Tips

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Clean Ahead of Time

One of the things that you should realize when relocating is that the new location may need some cleaning before you actually put your furniture in place. Even when the space awaiting you has been cleaned, it may not be to your standards or it has accumulated dust in the interim. It makes it so much easier to do in advance of your move-in day if you clean the floors and walls before the furniture and boxes are moved in.

There may be tasks that you can do while unpacking such as cleaning out drawers and cabinets as well as washing windows and other spot cleaning. Those aren’t really aren’t a problem even with the furniture in place, so you may want to just have the walls and floors done by the professionals to save you the extra steps.

Some of the other details that you might not think of are the windowsills, kitchen appliances, and bathroom fixtures. Having those details sparkle makes all the difference in the feel of your new house. Why not take this opportunity to do it right the first time around? You’ll be glad that you did.

So what are some of the most overlooked chores? Here’s a short list:

~ Stove/Oven ~ Don/t underestimate the value of a freshly cleaned oven. And until you go to use it you might not notice otherwise. Take the time to do it properly and you’ll won’t feel as though you are moving on top of someone’s grime. If you are concerned about the environmental impact of corrosive cleaners (or to your health) using a generous amount of baking soda in a dilution of water sprayed on the oven surface will do the trick. After spraying, turn the oven on to 250 degrees (moderate) for at least an hour and you’ll be amazed how easily the grime comes off. If you forget it and it burns, so much the better, as this causes the old stuff to simply flake off. (the more baking soda used, the better)

~ Refrigerator ~ Again, it’s the best use of your time if you clean out the interior before you unpack your perishables. If necessary, you can always do the exterior later. (Don’t forget underneath this large appliance since many overlook this area.)

~ Windows ~ The key to clean window are in the cleanliness of the corners. Sparkling windows will make an immediate difference in the appearance of your new digs. Nothing like immaculate windows to bring to light the other areas that need cleaning though, so be prepared to want to do more cleaning once these are done!

~ Ceiling Fans ~ You might be surprised how much dust and grime can collect on the blades of a ceiling fan, and all one must do sometimes is to turn them on to find out. Dust flying everywhere on your spic and span floor, so do this ahead of time. You may need ammonia (or white vinegar is an excellent alternative) to cut the greasy dust that often collects especially in the kitchen.

~ Walkways / Patios / Porches ~ Sweeping may be all you need to do on these surfaces.

Don’t forget that a house cleaning party can actually be a lot of good fun for friends and family and will make these chores fly past.

However, if this sounds like a lot of added work that you rather not be bothered with, then you may just feel that the small added expense of the Make Ready Cleaning Service is for you.

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